Authentic Goro's Handmade 925 Silver Big Eagle Pendant

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Here is a Authentic Goro's Handmade 925 Silver Big Eagle Pendant

Goro Takahashi, born in Jujo, Tokyo 1939, the legendary leather and silver craftsman who brought Native American jewelry to the Japanese accessory world and an icon in that regard.


Goro’s was created in 1971, and so far there is only one shop in the world. His designs, inspired by years of living with the Sioux. There he learned antique skills to make silver accessory, meanwhile, he was given an honor of being an Indian warrior, and regarding of the blessedness, he had the right to make Navajo’s silver works. Because the yellow eagle and the sun he made were the holy and inviolable symbols for Navajo. Eventually earned him a loyal following among fans as the Harajuku boom began.


The only place where his goods could be purchased was famed for the long lines it produced and the commitment of those waiting. It only stocked what he had made for the day and prospective buyers, limited to 5 at a time, would have to bank on his daily offerings catching their fancy. And even then, staff would still have a final say on a sale depending on if the piece’s personality matched with the buyer.











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Cosmetic: no damage, slight worn marks and oxidized, very beautiful, really rare, as pictures. 

Auction includs: Eagle pendant only.