S.T.Dupont 1997 Teatro Limited Edition Gold Gilt Red Enamel Table Lighter

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Here is a S.T.Dupont 1997 Teatro Limited Edition Gold Gilt Red Enamel Table Lighter

The Harlequin’s coat, a harmless symbol that originated in the Comedia Dell Arte, suggests mystery, intrigue and happy endings.

The curtains open to reveal two masks, one laughing, the other crying; comedy blended with tragedy-life itself.

This collection in red and black Chinese lacquer pays homage to the world of theatre, a celebration of life, colour and imagination. Time has left no marks on the Harlequin’s face, and the emotion he still inspires proves that no art, no creation can be accomplished without time or passion.

S.T.Dupont has both time and passion, and thus presents its “Teatro” collection.

This limited edition consists of:

two pocket lighters: 2,500 of each,

two table lighters: 250 of each,

two fountain pens and two roller ball pens: 1,000 of each,

two “secret” carriage clocks: 200 of each.


Limited Number: 025/250

Model: 27881

Weight: 683 g

Cosmetic: new collection, unused, with slight fiddled marks, as pictures.

Auctions Include: table lighter, full set in box.

Note: The gas of all the lighters will be drained before shipment!