S.T.Dupont 2000 Abstractions(s) Limited Edition 18K Fountain Pen 480999M

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Here is a S.T.Dupont 2000 Abstractions(s) Limited Edition 18K Fountain Pen 480999M


Liberated by the invention of photography in 1840, at the beginning of the twentieth century artists were beginning to question art’s unique role of providing an exact representation of the world. They moved away from traditional forms and colors to express more subjective visions, giving rise to a fascinating and sometimes shocking movement, that of abstract art.

S.T.Dupont has drawn inspiration freely from this important artistic school, with some exceptional pieces. Pure, defined lines create an effect of movement, while blocks of genuine red and black Chinese lacquer form geometric shapes.

The collection is made up of six pocket lighters, one fountain pen, one roller ball and a propelling pencil/ballpoint pen: 2,500 of each.


Limited Number: 0702/2000

Cosmetic: new collection, unused, as pictures.

Auctions Include: fountain pen, full set in box.