S.T.Dupont 2001 Africa Limited Edition Gold w/ Black Onyx Lighter Pen 5 Pics

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Here is a S.T.Dupont 2001 Africa Limited Edition 5 Sets of Gold w/ Black Onyx

 Lighter and Pen


African art has been an important source of inspiration for western artists since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Through its masterful engraving, S.T.Dupont expresses its unique talent for working with gold and offers a contemporary vision of this ancient art via its "Africa" collection.

Irregular guilloche details outline geometric shapes while the strong presence of yellow gold marks a stark contrast with the dark brilliance of onyx triangles.


Limited Number: 17/25

Cosmetic: new other, collection, unused, as pictures.

Auctions Include: lighter*2, table lighter, ballpoint pen, fountain pen, full set in box, blank warranty.


Note: The gas of all lighters will be drained before shipment!