S.T.Dupont 2003 Art&Technique Limited Edition Brocade Box Set of Line 2 Lighters

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The influence of the Bauhaus on the applied arts, from architecture to design, via advertising, is universal. The Bauhaus, began as a German art school created in 1919 by the famous architect Walter Gropius. Bauhaus’s ambition was to make beauty and functionality available to everybody,within the technical constraints of industrial mass production.

Renowned painters, including Kandinsky and Klee, and brilliant architects and designers, such as Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Moholo-Nagy,  taught at the school and made their mark on the creation of what we now call design.

Drawing on this inspiration, and , more particularly, its impact on architecture, S.T.Dupont has created a unique collection of lighters made of real Chinese lacquer in black or black and red, set with bands of sparking platinum. Like a building set, this contrasted, geometric and graphic design symbolizes our homage to the union of art and technology.

This limited edition consists of four pocket lighters numbered up to 2,000 and a flat table lighter numbered up to 500.


Limited Number: 31/40

Cosmetic: new collection, unused, as pictures.

Auctions Include: pocket lighter*2, table lighter*1, full set in brocade box.


Note: The gas of all the  lighters will be drained before shipment!