S.T.Dupont Rendez-Vous 1996 Limited Edition Rollerball Pen Full Set in Box

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Here is a S.T.Dupont Rendez-Vous 1996 Limited Edition Rollerball Pen Full Set in Box


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Auctions Include: rollerball pen, full set in box.


Rendez-Vouz, with the meaning of "a meeting", is a magical, thrilling word, full of promises. The sun has a rendez-vous with the moon, but the moon is not an early riser and the sun always sets too early. Their reunion is impossible, yet so tempting…...

S.T. Dupont, pursuing its tribute to the force and mysteries of nature, has chosen to bring these two rulers of the sky together in a new limited series celebrating a perfect, caring reunion.

The sun and moon each have their own metal with their own color: gold with red Chinese lacquer for the incandescent sun; silver with blue Chinese lacquer for the moon.

The Limited Edition is cleverly designed around the phenomenon of Moon and Su, which are represented in series by three objects: a pocket lighter, a fountain pen and a ball pen in each of the colour combination: blue and silver (Moon) and Red abd Gold (Sun). The seventh item, a Jeroboam Table lighter unites the Collectoin by bearing blue Moon Theme on one side and Red Sun Theme on the other - a truly wicked presentation!