TECHART LM-EA7 II Auto Focus adapter for Leica M to Sony Nex E mount A7II A7R2

Manufacturer: TECHART
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Here is a TECHART LM-EA7 II Auto Focus adapter for Leica M lens to Sony Nex A6300 A7II A7R2 camera.  

Compatible Lens: 

all Leica M series lenses, Zeiss M, Voigltander M lens, and other M mount lens by exchange connector. 

Compatible Cameras:

Sony A7RII, A7II, A6300


Aperture: Manual

Lens information: can input 10 lens information by smart phone APP

Adapter telescopic distance: about 4.5mm

Focus mode: Single focus for AF-S, continuous focus for AF-C

Support lens weight: 700g ( suggest using tripod mount ring or hold by hand when the lens is exceed 700g)

Wireless control: Bluetooth, supports Andiord and iOS

Adapter Weight: 133g

Size: 80mm * 64mm



Achieve Contrast Focus for Sony A7II / A6300, and later NEX new models, make their focusing speedy and accuracy nearly equal to DSLR.

Can achieve macro shooting in a degree by lens focusing.

Can make other lens achieve auto focus with Leicaist LR-LM, EOS-LM, AI-LM, etc


Upgrade feature:

Focus motor increased, easier focusing for big lenses.

Firmware upgrades into V03, can input 10 lens information by smart phone APP, can use camera aperture + shutter release choose



Always futon the lens cap when the mount adapter is not in use. To prevent mould, do not keep the mount adapter in a very humid place or a long time.



If you bring the mount adapter directly from a cold place to a warm place, condensation may occur. To avoid this, place the mount adapter into a plastic bag or something similar before moving to the warm place. When the air temperature inside the bag reaches the surrounding temperature, you can then take the adapter out.


Cleaning the mount adapter

Do not use any organic solvent such as thinner or benzine to clean the mount adapter.


Install the mount adapter

Align the white index on the adapter with the white index on the camera, rotate the mount adapter clock wisely until it locks with the camera.

Align the red index on the lens barrel with the red index on the adapter, then insert the lens into the adapter and rotate clock wisely until it locks.



1. Keep the power of the camera body off when installing the adapter or lens.

2. Do not press the release button when installing the lens with the adapter, otherwise the lens or adapter may not lock properly.


Cosmetic: Brand new, as pictures.

Auction Includes: adapter,well designed box, operating instructions, caps. (Camera and lens are not including.)