Kangrinpoche Mini quick release plate 33x20mm for Canon/Nikon/Leica/Sony/Pentax

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Here is a Kangrinpoche Mini quick release plate 33x20mm for Canon/Nikon/Leica/Sony/Pentax.

Cosmetic: Brand New, as pictures.


  • The quick release plate will fit to all cameras . 
  • It assists you to attach or remove your camera from the tripod quickly and safely, with which                          you will not worry about your  camera rotating, moving or dropping when you use.                                              
  • It is a kind of super mini quick release plate,which is just as wide as thumb.  
  • The plate body is made of  aluminum alloy. You will not worry about the problem of paint off.                  
  • Although it is small and light, it has the exactly same size of structure as a standard one. Therefore                 it fits all kinds of standard quick release plate clips.                                                                                                 
  • With a piece of specially designed cork-rubber on surface,it is slide-proof and will better prevent        your camera from dropping.                                                                                                                                  
  • All screws and screw key are made of titanium alloy,which is in lightweight and much more durable than those of stainless steel.


              weight: 6g only                                                  


             *  colour: black   


             *  size:33x20x5mm

             *  materal:  aluminum alloy for the plate body,titanium alloy for screws,cork-rubber

Auction Includes: quick release plate.

Other quick release plates for different models or cameras are available.

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